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Safety Tips For You And Your Little Goblins This Halloween While Trick-or-Treating


With Halloween approaching, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids safe on the most ghoulish of nights.  Community Care Ambulance wants to make sure everyone is safe so here are a few safety tips for you and your little goblins this Halloween while Trick-or-Treating.

Adult Supervision

We recommend using the Buddy System. This may seem like common sense, but we see so many kids that are walking around without any adult supervision.  If your kids no matter their age are not going in a group, you need to go with them. Parents, please do not use the excuse, “I have to stay home to give out candy.”  Safety comes before candy! REMEMBER that the international signal for “no candy” is a porch light turned off.

If your teenage kids are going out with their friends and not with a grown-up, keeping them safe can be easily coordinated with today’s technology.  Make sure they each have a fully charged cell phone with the ringer volume turned all the way up. Have clear expectations that have been set with specific “check-in” times for the night.

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REMEMBER that the international signal for “no candy” is a porch light turned off.

Walking Safety-Stranger Danger

Make sure your kids know what “Stranger Danger” is and to never go into anyone’s house.  The scary stories we hear about kids knocking on the door and being told to come in and get candy grow each year.  So, before your child goes trick or treating, sit down and set clear understandings of these rules.

Best practice is to walk on the sidewalk if there is one. Some communities do not have sidewalks so be sure the kids understand that they need to walk towards traffic in this case, so you can see any oncoming traffic.  Remember if the community has no street lights or your costume is dark be sure to carry a flashlight with you.  Some parents add adhesive reflectors to the costumes and even have the kids wear glow stick bracelets and necklaces.

Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

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Safety Tips For You And Your Little Goblins This Halloween While Trick-or-Treating.

Tell your kids not to talk to anyone driving by in a car. Remind them that adults should not be asking kids for help; they should be asking other adults. If approached, they need to report this to a trusted adult immediately or go to your local fire or police departments.

Parents remember that there are safe places in your communities for your children to go to if they get lost, or have spooky things come up, it is your local EMS/Fire Departments.  Community Care Ambulance wants all the ghosts and goblins to be safe so please read our blog and consider the potential that some of these safety issues may come up.  Sit down with your kids and make sure everyone is on the same page and that safety is the number one concern for everyone.  If you ever have a need for us at Community Care Ambulance, we can be reached at or by phone at 833-698-5684.

Community Care Ambulance wishes everyone a safe Trick-or-Treating experience on this night of ghosts and goblins.

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