Emergency and Non-Emergency Services

Delivering exceptional pre-hospital care is dependent on having a qualified staff of emergency medical personnel, specialized medical equipment and a fleet including Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support and Wheelchair Vans that are meticulously maintained.

CCA surpasses the industry standard in staff orientation and training; providing organization sponsorship Critical Intensive Care Paramedic creating the largest pool of Intensive Care Paramedics in Northeastern Ohio and RNs with ER and ICU experience.

Each ALS ambulance is equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology including 12-lead EKG with transmit capabilities; NIBP and SP02, Tri-chamber IV pumps compatible with hospital tubing, portable ventilators, and CPAP.

Our entire fleet consists of the larger, Type III modular ambulances which boast a more spacious work environment and a smoother ride for the patient.

Disaster Deployments

Disasters can happen at anytime and anywhere, either man-made or by nature. Local communities can become overwhelmed and Emergency Services strained, in partnership with federal and state agencies; Community Care Ambulance responds. Our qualified Response Teams are ready at a moment’s notice to deploy to support our communities both at home and out-of-state.

Our experienced Response Teams have deployed to declared disaster areas of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma both in 2017.

Communications and Dispatching

Every request for medical transportation is received by Community Care Ambulance’s state-of-the-art Communications Center.

Our dispatchers are nationally certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers; EMD or Emergency Medical Dispatch is a nationally recognized protocol based life-support system. EMD certified dispatchers are trained to provide potentially life-saving instructions to callers.

EMD certified dispatchers answer each call, entering important response information into a CAD system in real time. Using LIVE GPS Monitoring, dispatchers are able to view the geographic location of each unit in CCA’s system allowing them to respond the closest available ambulance to each request for medical aid.

While en route to the call, medical crews receive turn-by-turn routing instructions further ensuring safe and expedient response times. Each vehicle is equipped with an on board computer.

Additional technology enhancements enables facilities to track their patients throughout the transport process. With our integrated online scheduling platform, our facilities are able to schedule transportation quickly and efficiently at their convenience.

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