2011 Stars of Life Honorees


Mark Camplese, EMT
Length of Service: 11 years

Mark is an extraordinary person who consistently displays compassion, emotion and support to his coworkers and his patients with honesty and integrity. He is the first one to sign up for any deployment regardless of the task on hand and you will never hear a complaint.  Mark is one of CCA’s most senior employees and has grown with our organization.  He is described as a professional, loyal, and hardworking individual that leads with his actions and not his words.  He is a silent voice that uses his influence and actions to promote teamwork and a positive environment for all of those around him.  Mark is always approachable and is often used as a field preceptor where he shares his knowledge and displays professionalism to CCA new hires.

Mark is a dedicated family member as a single father of six children and grandfather of 2.  During the summer months he is always off and running to one ball game or another, and yet still finds time to volunteer at his local fire department as the EMS Captain.

Beth Sundman, Critical Care Paramedic
Length of Service: 6 years

Beth’s daily actions are the best display of her dedication to her duties.  She serves Community Care well as a Critical Care Paramedic.  Beth has assisted CCA in achieving many progressive improvements showing a commitment to her profession.  Her compassion and respect from her patients and coworkers is obvious. Beth will take on any given task and see it through to success; her day in and day out superior performance prove her to be a valued asset to our organization. Community Care receives many compliments from patients, facilities and the management staff on her performance. Beth volunteered for deployment with our service for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration where she assisted with providing EMS coverage for Washington DC. Beth has always taken the extra step to assist others, whether it is her patients, coworkers or family – she truly is a star of life.

Beth is active with her family and glows with pride when the subject of her two sons comes up. When not spending time with her family and friends or her fulltime paramedic position at Community Care, she volunteers her time as a Paramedic with her local community EMS agency.

Jason Fellows, Paramedic
Length of Service: 3 Years

Jason is described by his peers as a strong leader and well respected.  He pays great attention to detail and is supporting and compassionate to all those around him.  During Jason’s time with Community Care he has responded to Natural Disasters and other special duty assignments where his leadership and professionalism shined raising the standards for those around him.   He is dedicated and loyal and always looking for ways to seek improvement both personal and professional.  Jason began his career as an EMT with Community Care and is currently working as lead paramedic position on his shift.  Jason is active in an employee engagement group where he demonstrates both leadership and meaningful participation.

Jason is very outgoing as well as a lover of the outdoors.   He is an avid motorcycle rider and collector of vintage triumph motorcycles.  When Jason is not off riding or working you can find him at his local fire department where he volunteers his time as a Paramedic Firefighter

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